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Our Origin

The EMBO Kingdom’s origins are traced back to The Great Lakes originally Congo and present day Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) not Kwa-ZuluNatal. It is for the reason that the various EMBO Nations of Africa and Natal came together and agreed to restore the EMBO Kingdom of the ama Mpembe people, the origins of the Angoni people later referred to as ama Nauni ar amaHlubi, of which Chancellor King Bhungane III is a direct descendent of the EMBO Kingdom for the African continent.

The Pan-African Parliament of the Royals of the EMBO Nations (PAPREN)is the main policy making and oversight structure of the EMBO Kingdom.The Parliament is intended as a platform for Royals and their nominated council representatives to rigorously spearhead research, discuss, take-decisions, document, write policies and regulations to preserve our indigenous African cultures and traditions and be there pository and custodian for the EMBO Nations .Ultimately restoring the dignity of our African people and resolving problems and challenges facing our continent through traditional structures of the Royals of the EMBO Nations.  PAPRENs composition, powers, functions and organisation are in line with Constitution of the EMBO Kingdom and is composed of over 250 Royal Nations and Houses of the EMBO Kingdom in Africa.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

Our Vision

To unite the EMBO Nations people of this Continent (Africa) through our indigenous Kings, Queens and Chiefs by taking the baton of cultures and traditions and restoration of our peoples dignity with access to economic development through their ancestral land and leading this campaign



The objectives and functions of the Parliament are set out in the Protocol to the EMBO Kingdom concerning the Pan-African Parliament of the Royals of the EMBO Nations (PAPREN) and inits Rules of Procedures as depicted here under.

Duties of PAPREN?

1. Expedite and manage the implementation of EMBO Kingdoms land restoration, policies, objectivesand programs.
2. Lead the cleansing campaign of the bloods spilt over centuries in our EMBO Nations and the campaignto exterminate xenophobic tendencies against our fellow African brothers and sisters– “We are One”.
3. Endorse and participate in the “One Africa” and “Free Trade” Campaigns as well as the collapsing and eradication of colonial borders.
4. Uphold human rights especially women and children’s rights and integrating African Kingdoms’traditions and culture, encourage indigenous leadership good governance transparency and respectof the ruleof law by all Kingdoms.
5. Embolden the Paradigm of Regional Economic Blocs and Regional trade in EMBO Nations.
6. Enshrine cultural and customary early child hood development programs throughout our EMBO Nationsand the indigenous languages as mediums of instruction at schools;
7. Activate and implement the Agripreneural, Culturepreneural, Greeneurpreneural, Technopreneural ethos in our EMBO Nations as the cornerstone of our communities socio- economic traction development strategy
8. Stimulate awareness among the EMBO Nations’ communities on the rightful customary marriages objectivesand procedures.
9. Strengthening our continental solidarity, cooperation and development; promotion of peace, securityand stability; pursuit and implement our radical socio-economic recovery strategy.
10. Value-add to the integration and synchronization of EMBO Nations’legislation.
11. Formulating and implementing the EMBO Kingdoms’budget and Rules of Procedure.
12. Electingits Committee members.
13. Making recommendations on the EMBO Kingdoms budget.

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